The Structure of ICMPD

ICMPD is structured according to four main areas: its headquarters in Vienna, its mission in Brussels, its representations abroad and its governing bodies. The representations abroad include representatives covering Bulgaria, Georgia, Lebanon and the Middle East, The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Moldova, and Tunisia and Maghreb. In addition, ICMPD has field offices in Abuja, Ankara, Beirut, Brasília, Chisinau, Skopje and Tbilisi. The governing bodies of ICMPD are the Director General and the Steering Group, which is comprised of representatives from the Member States.

ICMPD's Guiding Principles

The processes of globalisation and regional integration have fundamentally changed the concept and perception of migration. Governments and societies alike are faced with new challenges and concerns in relation to the movements of persons across borders, regions, continents and cultures. Therefore, ICMPD pursues the following principles:

Migration is about people

Migration policies concern migrants, their families and dependants, as well as receiving societies. Dealing with migration, therefore, requires a high sense of responsibility from all involved actors, and demands the proper balancing of rights and interests.

Migration governance is a multi-stakeholder process

Migration governance involves all stakeholders in a consensus-building process, setting the migration (policy) agenda through the balancing of interests.

Migration policies are forward-looking

Political elections are decided on (im)migration, and migration policy often ends up being more about symbolic politics than anything else. Election campaigns are not the suitable process for policy development. Policy debate needs to look beyond election cycles without losing sight of the political environment of the policymakers.

Migration policies are evidence-based

Migration spurs emotions – sound migration policies are based on evidence and facts.

Interests are balanced

The migration framework has to be set at national, regional and international levels by balancing the interests and concerns of those affected by migration. Listening to the needs and lessons learnt from other countries, as well as serious cooperation between states, can lead to a deeper understanding of today's migration challenges.


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Mission Statement

ICMPD strives for comprehensive, sustainable and future-oriented migration governance. We do so based on solid evidence and in partnership with all relevant stakeholders at national, regional and international levels.