Governing Bodies of ICMPD

The ICMPD Steering Group

Representatives of Member States constitute a Policy Steering Group. Every contracting party is represented in this Steering Group with one seat. Taking over from Sweden, Austria will act as chair of ICMPD’s Steering Group in 2016.  During the Austrian chairmanship, ICMPD will adopt its new strategy for the coming five years. One of ICMPD’s strategic goals will be to assist its member states even more effectively in responding to short, medium and long-term migration challenges and the current crisis. Austria will also put  efforts into supporting the recently-appointed Director General in taking up his new role and further expanding the organisation’s network at the intergovernmental, European and international level. In 2017, the Czech Republic will hold the rotating chairmanship of ICMPD’s Steering Group. The list of the previous ICMPD Steering Group chairs can be downloaded here.

The Steering Group meets as often as required, usually twice a year. The Steering Group exercises general supervision of ICMPD, appoints the Director General, approves the annual report of the Director General, the budget and annual accounts, the working programme, the agreements with states and governmental bodies, supports ICMPD in its political contacts, advises the Director General on substantial matters, nominates the members of the Advisory Body and advises and decides on the admission of further parties. The Steering Group also is a platform where Member States discuss migration related issues of joint interest and concern.


The Director General

The Director General is the highest executive officer of ICMPD. He is supported by four functional Directors, two heading the operational programmes of ICMPD, one heading General Affairs and Research and one heading Human and Financial Resources. The Director of Human and Financial Resources was appointed Deputy Director General by the Steering Group in May 2007.


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Mission Statement

ICMPD strives for comprehensive, sustainable and future-oriented migration governance. We do so based on solid evidence and in partnership with all relevant stakeholders at national, regional and international levels.