European Commission

ICMPD works with many other organisations and institutions, both national and international. Among these, the European Commission (EC) is the most important for ICMPD. Almost half of ICMPD's project funding comes from EC funds, including from their thematic programmes. The EC supports many of ICMPD's activities throughout the world in the areas of border management, migration and development, asylum, and legal migration, as well as in fighting trafficking in human beings and illegal migration. The EC is also a strong promoter of human rights and international cooperation, which are core aspects of ICMPD's work. The tables below list the ICMPD projects that were awarded EC funding in 2011 and 2012.



Project NameEU Ref. #Amount (€)
Seguridad Fronteriza-Border Security (SEFRO)328114344.680
Enhancing Georgia's Migration Management (ENIGMMA)3322314.800.000
Migration EU Expertise II (MIEUX II): Providing Short-Term Capacity Building to Third Countries in All Areas of Migration Management (Rider)3350581.500.000



Project NameEU Ref. #Amount (€)
Supporting the Republic of Moldova to Implement the EU-Moldova Action Plan on Visa Liberalisation282591960.000
''Migrações Transfronteiriças'': Strengthening the Capacity of the Brazilian Federal Government to Manage New Migratory Flows’2827251.425.238
Developing National Capability for Integrated Border Management in Lebanon2964883.659.992
Project THB/HR2: Fight against Trafficking in Human Beings and Organised Crime along the Heroin Route2994151.448.700
Study: EU Support to Integrated Border Management306836241.234
Supporting the Third Phase of the Rabat Process: The Dakar Strategy3074062.000.000
Support for the Africa-EU Partnership on Migration, Mobility and Employment - RIDER to Contract DCI-MIGR/2009/228-441309836490.000



Project NameEU Ref. #Amount (€)
Itineris: Protection of Migrants' Rights from Exploitation, from Brazil to the European Union2291771.007.946
Interactive Map on Migration in Africa, the Middle East, and the Mediterranean Region (i-Map)2296791.206.122
Euromed Migration III2785754.998.800
EU Tunisia Migration Cooperation Agenda279717799.953
Migration EU Expertise II (MIEUX II): Providing Short-term Capacity Building to Third Countries in All Areas of Migration Management2804034.499.995
"External Thematic Expertise on Migration"282045280.000
Identification and Formulation Study ''Anti Money Laundering in West Africa''28251164.824


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Mission Statement

ICMPD strives for comprehensive, sustainable and future-oriented migration governance. We do so based on solid evidence and in partnership with all relevant stakeholders at national, regional and international levels.