ICMPD Quality Policy

ICMPD is committed to supply services of the highest quality to its external and internal customers. This means ICMPD strives to:

  • fully meet or excel the expectations of its Member States, strategic partners and other contractors of its services
  • target its activities towards the needs of their beneficiaries, while at the same time taking into account the needs of all those affected by migration
  • be a competent and trusted partner for the organisations and experts it works with, holding up international ethical standards
  • fully support its employees in their work, recognising that all staff play a vital role in the overall functioning of the organisation, and be an attractive employer for high potentials and qualified experts.
For this purpose it will:  
  • foster continuous and open communication with its Member States, clients, partners and beneficiaries, striving to fully understand their expectations and needs
  • ensure that all employees clearly understand ICMPD's strategy and mission, as well as their individual contributions and the processes that support ICMPD's work
  • regularly measure customer and employee satisfaction, and always be receptive for suggestions of improvement both from its internal and external customers
  • evaluate all of its services, measuring whether agreed results were delivered and objectives met, and use the lessons learned in order to further improve future services
  • regularly perform system reviews and audits to ensure that its quality management system is coherent and put into practice by the everyday work of its employees, always with a view to continuous improvement of its work environment and services.


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Mission Statement

ICMPD strives for comprehensive, sustainable and future-oriented migration governance. We do so based on solid evidence and in partnership with all relevant stakeholders at national, regional and international levels.