ISO 9001

ICMPD was granted the Certificate Accreditation for ISO 9001 by Quality Austria Training, Certification and Evaluation Ltd. “High customer focus, clear visions and concrete goals are crucial success factors on the global market. Successful certification is an important step for any organization. Quality Austria acts as a strong partner helping to achieve the goals,” explains Konrad Scheiber, General Manager of Quality Austria.

Systematic and clear leadership is an important factor contributing to an organisation’s success. These endeavours are supported by establishing and maintaining a management system focusing on continual performance improvement and considering the requirements of all interested parties. No matter whether it is a question of quality, environmental or safety management, in-house implementation will always be endorsed by strategic decisions aiming at increasing competitiveness on the market.

Many reasons, which are also corroborated statistically, speak for establishing a quality management system. Thanks to modern management systems, the right things can be done at the right time by using the right resources. In concrete terms, this implies an intensified customer focus, a process approach within the organisation, cost savings and good housekeeping with resources, an increase in staff motivation and a resulting traceable increase in the corporate value.

About ISO 9001

By late 2006, little less than one million organisations had been certified accredited for ISO 9001. This series of standards has succeeded in establishing the features of organisational quality as a worldwide standard independently from the sectors and for all company sizes. The ISO 9001 Standard aims at using uniform terminology. Such terms as “requirement”, “customer satisfaction”, “product”, “process”, “system”, “quality” and “quality improvement” are defined internationally and, thus, become comparable. The four basic modules of the ISO 9001 Standard are:

  • management responsibility
  • resource management
  • product realisation
  • measurement, analysis and improvement.

For all the organisations, the implementation of the improvement cycle “Plan-Do-Check-Act” should be at the centre when applying the ISO 9001 Standard.

: establishing objectives of quality management

: implementing the projects and activities according to planning

reviewing implementation for the extent to which the target variables have been achieved

Act: taking corrective or preventive action if the programme has not adequately been implemented or target variables have not been achieved


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Mission Statement

ICMPD strives for comprehensive, sustainable and future-oriented migration governance. We do so based on solid evidence and in partnership with all relevant stakeholders at national, regional and international levels.