Vienna Migration Conference 2016

About Vienna Migration Conference 2016

Following the recent United Nations (UN) Summit for Refugees and Migrants and the Leaders’ Summit on Refugees, the Vienna Migration Conference represents a unique opportunity for Europe to explore the way forward, based on the New York Declaration for Refugees and Migrants.

With its three-pillar-approach consisting of research, migration dialogues and capacity building, ICMPD has wide experience in bridging the gap between theory and practice, giving experts and policy makers the opportunity to engage in open dialogue. In keeping with this mission, the Vienna Migration Conference 2016 aims to bring political decision makers and top researchers around the same table in order to help resolve the ongoing migration policy crisis.

The Vienna Migration Conference comprises two panels addressing the most crucial elements of European migration policy: refugee protection and international cooperation on migration. 

The first panel on refugee protection will evaluate the current state of play and the proposals for reforming the Common European Asylum System, including responsibility sharing and the question of distribution mechanisms. 

The second panel on international cooperation on migration will reflect on recent examples of international agreements and partnerships between countries of origin, transit and destination related to managing migration. The panel will consider the opportunities and pitfalls of international cooperation, from the Valletta Action Plan and the EU-Turkey Statement to the new partnership framework and the UN compacts, with the aim of identifying an effective and coherent European approach to migration.  

Vienna Migration Conference 2016

November 10-11, 2016

Austrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Hofburg, Vienna