Human and Financial Resources

The department manages and administers the human and financial resources of ICMPD. Moreover, it ensures financial objectivity, transparency and accountability of ICMPD vis-รก-vis its donors and stakeholders. Specifically, the department carries out the following tasks:

  • developing human resource policies
  • ensuring that working conditions are conducive for the staff's health and well-being
  • guaranteeing financial coverage for all ICMPD activities and services through adequate financial policies, monitoring, risk assessment and pro-active mitigation strategies
  • ensuring quality management
  • supporting organisational learning and knowledge transfer
  • providing ICT services, procurement and logistical services for a functioning office environment.

The Director was appointed by the Steering Group as Deputy Director General.


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Mission Statement

ICMPD strives for comprehensive, sustainable and future-oriented migration governance. We do so based on solid evidence and in partnership with all relevant stakeholders at national, regional and international levels.