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12 Jan–13 Jan Oxford, UK: University of Oxford, ICMPD & more partners
Kick-off Meeting: Role of European Mobility and its Impacts in Narratives, Debates and EU Reforms
16 Jan–20 Jan Schiphol Airport, the Netherlands:
Training for Forced Return Monitors at the Border Security Training Centre of the Royal Marechaussee
16 Jan–18 Jan Tbilisi, Georgia: ICMPD/GAIBM
Workshop on INVC and Profiling
16 Jan–17 Jan Ankara, Turkey:
Expert workshop on risk analysis models of selected EU Member States
21 Jan–22 Jan Ankara, Turkey: ICMPD/ DGMM II & ASCAP
Seminar on international protection for judges
23 Jan–27 Mar Kutaisi, Georgia: ICMPD/GAIBM
Workshop on the Elaboration of Second Line Document Inspection Manual
24 Jan–24 Jan Tunis, Tunesia: ICMPD, IBM Tunesia
Technical Workshop on Customs information management
24 Jan–26 Jan Ankara, Turkey: ICMPD/DGMM II
Expert workshop on forced-return
24 Jan–25 Jan Niamey, Niger:
Validation Workshop for the Guide on Identification of Victims of Trafficking for Niger under DDF
25 Jan Brussels, Belgium: EMM4
"Towards a balanced narrative on migration in the Mediterranean"


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