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31 May– 2 Jun Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan: ICMPD/BOMCA
Regional Workshop border checks
5 Jun– 9 Jun Vicenza, Italy: ICMPD THB & OSCE CTHB
Combating Human Trafficking along Migration Routes
5 Jun– 8 Jun Vilnius, Lithuania: ICMPD/ENIGMMA
Study visit to Lithuania on high-profile diaspora engagement and diaspora awards
8 Jun Tbilisi, Georgia: ICMPD/ENIGMMA
Asylum training for Ministry of Refugees and Accommodation
14 Jun Valletta, Malta: ICMPD/ Euromed Migration 4
Migration Media Award Ceremony
29 Jun–29 Jun Berlin, Germany: ICMPD
GFMD, Side Event: Development solutions to mass displacement in cities, the case of Syrian Refugees


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