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ICMPD Around the Globe: Contribution to the European Police Chiefs Convention 2017

7 September 2017

Invited by Europol ICMPD DG Spindelegger pointed out his views on migration and new technologies.

Organised by EUROPOL the “European Police Chiefs Convention” gathered police chiefs, senior law enforcement officers and experts in The Hague. This year the convention opened by Europol Executive Director Rob Wainright was dedicated to the topic of new challenges due to new technologies.

Impact of the IT revolution

ICMPD Director General Michael Spindelegger expressed his views at the panel on “Crime in the age of technology” and pointed out the relations to the field of migration: “In the summer of 2015 we all witnessed what tremendous impact the IT revolution had on the old business of migrant smuggling. Within a few weeks the smuggling networks managed to completely redirect the flows of refugees and migrants from the Central to the Eastern Mediterranean route. This led to a temporary breakdown of border control and to one of the biggest political crises in the history of the EU. Without the internet, without the smart phone, without social media – this would not have happened the way it did; maybe it would not have happened at all.”

Download the speech delivered by Mr Michael Spindelegger here.


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