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Project News: 6th Peer-to-Peer on Promoting Equality and Socio-educational Inclusion of Migrants - Towards the construction of an educating city

20 July 2017

Turin, July 11-12: The EU and SDC-funded MC2CM project, led by ICMPD, gathered around 30 representatives from local governments and to discuss the issue of equality, and socio-educational inclusion of migrants.

This event, hosted by the Metropolitan City of Turin, was organised by project partners UCLG and UN-Habitat with the International Association of Educating Cities. It brought together representatives from Amman, Lisbon, Lyon, Madrid, Tangier, Turin, Vienna, as well as delegates from Tetouan and Chiyah to exchange knowledge and practices regarding the educating role of cities, and foster the inclusion of migrants. It was organised in the framework of the Mediterranean City-to-City Migration project (MC2CM) funded by the European Commission Directorate General for Neighbourhood and Enlargement negotiations and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation that brings together cities to contribute to improved migration governance at local level.

Cultivating values and behaviours

Anna Merlin, Metropolitan Councillor delegated to International Relations welcomed the participants, to the 2-day workshop in Turin. She emphasized the key role the cities play in education, not only by fostering knowledge transfer through formal and non-formal educational policies, services and centres, but also by cultivating values and behaviours.
The cities shared practices and interventions which help the educational inclusion and attainment of migrants. The Metropolitan City of Turin hosted field visits to schools and projects which promote the inclusion of migrants in the formal and informal education systems.  In this regard, participants visited ASAI, a voluntary association with more than 600 volunteers that concentrates its efforts in reaching out to population in the most vulnerable districts of Turin and bringing together children and youth to help them become agents in their communities. This includes educational-attainment projects involving schools, social services and families.

Policy Recommendations from the project, gathering findings from activities and reports, were also shared and discussed. These recommendations will be presented at the High-Level event to take place in Beirut on 7-8 November.
The peer-to-peer event is one among seven that will be held in the framework of the project. The next and last peer-to peer event will be held in Lyon in December, and will address the issue of interinstitutional coordination.

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