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Project News: First IBM LOC-CAP capacity building activity for the local administrators in Turkey

7 February 2017

Starting from October 2016, ICMPD in cooperation with the Ministry of Interior of Turkey is implementing the new border management project. It’s named “Technical Assistance for Improving Administrative Capacity of Border Management at Local Level” or IBM LOC-CAP.

The main target group of the project is local administration, namely the deputy province governors and district governors who play a key role in the coordination of the border agencies in the country. Being the first degree border authority it is the responsibility of the local administrators to provide and facilitate the cooperation and coordination among the border agencies. Within this framework the project aims to raise awareness and increase capacity in civil administration on border management. It will promote an enabling environment for comprehensive Integrated Border Management (IBM) thorough sustainable training approach and methodology.

First Study Visit

Following an inception phase the time came for the first capacity building activity, the study visit. It took place in Izmir from 31 January to 2 February and was dedicated to the topic of air borders. The purpose of bringing together 30 local administrators from different provinces was to share experience and good practices on management of air borders among participants and hosting airport authorities as well as to observe the daily work of border management agencies, cooperation and coordination among them.

During the three days of the local study visit, which was organized together with the Directorate General for Provincial Administration of the Turkish Ministry of Interior, district governors from Aydin, Balıkesir, Denizli, Izmir, Kutahya, Manisa, Mugla and Usak provinces were provided with the overview on the state of affairs in Turkish airports. They also learnt EU experience and good practices in management of air border crossing points BCPs and explored together with border agencies, incl. National Police, Customs Service, Aviation Security/ airport administration, the operational system and daily life of Izmir air borders. The participants discussed similarities and differences between air border management in the EU and Turkey and, in addition, observed daily practices and system of border management in the sea port passenger terminal.

Increasing Capacity

Taking into consideration the ongoing needs assessment of training on IBM, this topic was also discussed with the local administrators in order to include the findings in tailor-made training strategy and programme to be developed further in the framework of the IBM LOC-CAP project.The group also visited the office of the Governor of Izmir and had tours to the areas of domestic and international departures / arrivals and VIP terminals at Adnan Menderes Airport, as well as the sea port.
Based on the participants’ evaluation, the first capacity building activity of the IBM LOC-CAP project was successful as it fully reached its purposes and increased capacities of the civilian administrators on border management. Three more study visits in Turkey are to take place in the framework of the project and will focus on sea-, eastern- and western land borders.  

More information on IBM LOC-CAP here.           


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