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Project News: IBM LOC-CAP: Capacity building of local administrators on border management is going in full speed

23 August 2017

Since October 2016, ICMPD in partnership with the Ministry of Interior of Turkey is developing a framework for local administrators in the country. It aims to build up their knowledge and skills required for the border management as the first-degree border authorities.

Among others, ICMPD has elaborated a training strategy and a training manual on Integrated Border Management (IBM) for local administrators (deputy governors and district governors, kaymakam in the Turkish language). The Manual is designed to be used during pre-service and in-service training courses for local administrators and their life-long self-learning. It will not only support trainers and institutions in preparing and delivering training programmes on enhanced cooperation and coordination between border authorities present at the borders but also serve as a toolkit for training of trainers courses.

In parallel with the development of the training toolkit, a number of practical and theoretical capacity building activities are ongoing for a high number of local administrators from all provinces in Turkey. For instance, border management in practice was observed by a group of ten administrators during the study visit to Finland that took place on 17-21 July 2017. The visit was hosted by the Finnish Border Guard and included a comprehensive comparison of the Turkish and Finnish border management systems, a presentation on the cooperation between Finnish Customs and Border Guard, their training systems, as well as border management aspects at the local level and international cooperation in the case of the North Karelian Border District. The daily activities of the border guards and their operations at the border were observed and discussed during the patrol along the green border, the visit to the Niirala border crossing point at the Finnish-Russian border, the boat patrol at the lake Välivaara and at the Helsinki-Vantaa international airport.

The following week, from 31 July to 4 August, the first training session on IBM for local administrators was hosted in Ankara. Between August 2017 and January 2018, during 10 such training sessions, 300 Turkish top-level governmental managers will be trained on border management by a team of international and Turkish experts with the extensive knowledge and experience in interagency and international cooperation, legal regulations and migration management. The coming sessions will take place in Ankara, Trabzon, Canakkale, Adana and Istanbul. These capacity building actvities will enhance the participating local administrators’ capacities and knowledge on the EU IBM concept and the national border management framework and will become a platform for sharing expertise and best practices on national land, air and sea borders management in different corners of the country. In addition to interactive lectures with practical group work activities, each session will include on-site visits to the relevant border management authorities, be they sea- or airport border gates, Land Forces or Coast Guard regional commands, administrative detention and removal or risk management coordination centres.


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