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Project News: MIEUX supports Mexican authorities in the field of asylum and integration

27 February 2017

The European Union (EU), together with the ICMPD, has launched a new project in order to exchange good practices and expertise with the Mexican migration authorities to better manage migration in the areas of asylum and integration of migrants.

The project, implemented within the framework of the MIEUX Initiative, has been instigated at the request of the Mexican Secretariat of Interior (SEGOB) and the National Institute of Migration (INM), and will comprise a series of high-level dialogues, seminars, workshops and study visits.

The project was launched via two high-level dialogues, on the topics of asylum and integration of migrants, on 16 and 17 February 2017 in Mexico City, and which brought together 80 representatives from the Mexican authorities, including SEGOB, the Migration Policies Unit, INM and the Mexican Commission for Refugee Assistance, as well as civil society and international organisations. 

During the meetings MIEUX experts from Belgium and Austria presented the Common European Asylum System and EU Framework for the integration of third-country nationals, and shared good practices from EU Member States. 

Moving forward, through a total of seven activities, MIEUX experts will advise the Mexican authorities on all pertinent aspects of pressing migration issues, specifically on international protection and integration of migrants. 


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