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Project News: MIND Kick-Off Conference - Supporting Migration Policy Development in Turkey (MIND)

11 September 2017

From 13-14 September 2017, the Conference on the Global Developments in the Field of Migration and Impact on the Migration Situation in Turkey will be held in Ankara with approximately 60 participants.

The Project “Supporting Migration Policy Development in Turkey” (MIND) is co-financed by the EU and Turkey and has the main objective of contributing to the establishment of a comprehensive and sustainable migration policy framework in Turkey taking into account good practices applied in EU MS and other countries.
The conference will be organised to present information and exchange views on the impact and possible future effects of global developments in the field of migration. The objective of the conference is to support the participants in their responsibilities to develop, implement and monitor the implementation of migration policies by providing them with a broad picture of the interrelationship between major global developments in the field of migration.

In the first part of the conference, presentations on the following topics will be delivered by the representatives of the respective national institutions or international organisations and/or the leading experts in the migration field:

1. The Global Compact for Migration
2. The Global Compact on Refugees
3. The Sustainable Development Goals and Migrants/Migration
4. The Developments in the EU’s Migration Policy
5. The Developments in the Migration Situation in Turkey and Turkey’s Migration Policy

The second part of the conference will consist of working group discussions led by academic experts under each heading and a concluding panel discussion where conclusions of all working groups will be presented and discussed. Discussions in the working groups and the panel discussion will focus on the potential impacts of the Global Compacts, Sustainable Development Goals and developments in the EU’s migration policy on the Turkish migration context and will provide the opportunity to develop considerations for supporting the migration policy development process in Turkey.

Participating Institutions

National Institutions
• Ministry of Interior Directorate General of Migration Management,
• Ministry of Interior (Turkish National Police, General Command of Gendarmerie, Turkish Coast Guard Command),
• Ministry of Foreign Affairs,
• Ministry For EU Affairs,
• Ministry of Development,
• Ministry of Family and Social Policies,
• Ministry of Labour and Social Security,
• Ministry of Health,
• Ministry of National Education,
• Ministry of Transportation, Maritime, Communication,
• Ministry of Finance,
• Ministry of Culture and Tourism,
• Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency,
• Presidency of the Turks Abroad and Related Communities,
• Central Finance and Contracting Unit

International organizations:
• EU Delegation in Turkey
• Representatives of other relevant international/intergovernmental bodies

• Universities
• NGOs.


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