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Project News: MPF Call for Proposals extended

16 February 2017

More time for submission of action proposals under Mobility Partnerships (MPs) and Common Agendas on Migration Mobility (CAMMs) is provided through the extension of the Call for Proposals of the Mobility Partnership Facility (MPF).

The Mobility Partnership Facility is an EU initiative, implemented by ICMPD to support the preparation and implementation of MPs and CAMMs. The extension of the Call gives EU Member States and partner countries more time to identify, propose and implement actions in all the thematic areas covered by the Call. These include topics such as asylum, migration and mobility, border management, visa, smuggling of migrants and trafficking in human beings. To fully exploit the potential of the implementation period ending on 31 August 2018, applications are strongly encouraged by May 2017. With its swift evaluation procedure of only 15 working days and the high co-financing of up to 95%, the MPF is a flexible tool to address contingencies of the partner countries and EU MS.

Ongoing Actions   

Currently, two actions are being implemented by EU MS under the MPF. The first one - “Reintegration policy for returning Armenian migrants”  – is led by the Office Français de l’Immigration et de l’Intégration (OFII) France, while the second -“Further implementation of the Moldovan Integrated Border Management (IBM) concept in line with the upgrading of the European IBM concept”  - is carried out by the Romanian Border Police. Besides, evaluation or contracting is ongoing regarding three other proposals.

Additionally, the MPF supports the implementation of MPs by either facilitating planning of future actions on the basis of the analysis of information on past, ongoing and planned projects or of contingent needs in EU MS and partner countries or by  assisting the coordination structures of MPs, such as Local Cooperation Platforms. 


More information on MPF, the Call for Proposals and awarded grants can be found here.          


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