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March 2015 Monthly Update
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EaP countries and several EU Member States sign historic agreement on cooperation among training institutions in border management

The memorandum of understanding constitutes the first legally binding multilateral agreement among the countries in the Eastern Partnership region and EU Member States on cooperation in border management training.

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ENIGMMA project kicks off 2015 Information Campaign to promote EU-Georgia cooperation

The 2015 ENIGMMA Information Campaign aims to raise public awareness on key achievements of EU-Georgia cooperation, such as the EU-Georgia Association Agreement, visa dialogue and mobility of Georgian citizens in the EU, and the Visa Liberalisation Action Plan. The campaign also promotes the benefits for both Georgia and the EU resulting from closer European integration, leading to greater public participation in EU and Georgia relations.

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New ICMPD working paper explores how effective border management can enable sustainable development

The working paper, titled 'Integrated Border Management and Development', explores the link between border management and development by putting it in the context of the global debate on development goals and examining the approaches to border management that could contribute to development.

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YouTube: GFMD Conference 2014, Day 2: Delegates talk about migration and development

YouTube: Vulnerabilidade de migrantes é debatida durante Conferência

YouTube: The Rabat Process: Border management, a complex subject with a lot at stake

1317 AprilMIEUX II Information Session on Diaspora Engagement
1324 AprilSilk Routes Partnership Project Training of Trainers
2829 MarchMT Brazil Workshop Research on Municipalities in the Land Borders

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VA16P000V01 Director General

ICMPD Working Paper No. 8: Integrated Border Management and Development


Guide on Organising Mobile Counselling for Migrants and Diaspora Members


How harmonised can visa policy be? The new EC proposals on Schengen visa rules




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