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May 2015 Monthly Update
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On 21-22 May, heads of state will meet in Riga to evaluate the progress made in the relations between the EU and 6 Eastern European and South Caucasus partner countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine. Migration and mobility will feature prominently on the agenda. ICMPD is working with all Eastern Partnership (EaP) countries and we use this opportunity to highlight our most recent activities in this region.

Black Sea: need to analyse the effects of crisis on migration management

In many countries economic, environmental or security related crises affect migration management. Acknowledging the urgent need of countries in the Black Sea and Silk Routes regions to address this issue, ICMPD responded by organising a meeting to exchange experiences and good practices in March.

Read the meeting report  |  Learn more about the project 

Prague Process region: enhancing student mobility

The spring issue of the 'Prague Process Quarterly Review' is out and focuses on efforts to enhance student mobility, featuring an interview with the Russian migration expert Dmitry Poletaev. The Prague Process is a political initative aiming to strengthen cooperation between the EU and the Eastern Neighbourhood in the area of migration and asylum through dialogue and joint projects.

Download the Quarterly Review  |  Visit the Prague Process website

Azerbaijan and Moldova: fight against trafficking in human beings

By providing policy advice and technical expertise, ICMPD supports EaP countries in the fight against trafficking in human beings. In Azerbaijan, an assessment of the victim referral system was conducted early this year, while a specialized training on data collection and crime threat analysis was provided to police officers in Moldova. Further capacity building activities for other EaP countries will follow.

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Russia: how its new migration policy will influence the region

Russia still determines migration trends across the post-Soviet region. Last year, it amended its migration legislation. An ICMPD infograph shows the main changes and a Working Paper analyses how migration between the EU, Russia and the Eastern Neighbourhood could change. It predicts competition between the EU and Russia over a shrinking labour force supply from traditional sources and a need to turn to Azerbaijan and Central Asian countries. At the same time, the reform of Russian policies will formalise the emigration process for labour migrants.

Read the Working Paper  |  Download the infograph

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Loss of lives in the Mediterranean: longer-term responses needed

Recent developments in the Mediterranean have yet again provoked heated debates on the unsolved challenges posed by migration in the region. For over a decade, ICMPD has been committed to finding effective policies and frameworks for making migration better in the Mediterranean; 'better' in, among others, being safe, legal and voluntary - and most importantly avoiding the loss of life at sea. Several of these initiatives have been highlighted in the European Commission's fact sheet on Cooperation with Africa published for the special European Council meeting on 23 April. Based on knowledge of Mediterranean migration, ICMPD calls for the development of regional mid- and long-term policy responses to complement short-term reactions aimed at curbing human trafficking and smuggling.

ICMPD's projects in the Mediterranean  |  Media coverage 

Two regional consultations on migrants caught in countries in crisis

When conflict or disasters hit, international migrants present in the crisis-stricken country are often among the affected population. Migrants may be trapped, unwilling to leave, or seek refuge across borders. ICMPD takes part in the global initiative 'Migrants in Countries in Crisis' (MICIC) aiming to develop a set of voluntary guidelines to protect migrants in crisis and organises regional consultations.

Read about the Asia consultation  |  Eastern Europe consultation on 25-26 June, Brussels

Jordan preparing for a population census in late 2015

To strengthen migration data collection and analysis capacities, ICMPD facilitated a workshop on "Population and Housing Censuses and Migration Surveys" for Jordanian government officials. Jordan's census will include a number of migration-related questions.

Learn more about the project  |  Read the event report

South-south cooperation on migration management

Officials from Afghanistan and Iraq visited Georgian institutions and NGOs to draw lessons from its recent progress in legislative reform and policy development in the field of migration. During this ICMPD-organised study tour, Georgian government officials were keen to share experience with their Silk Routes counterparts as they have participated in similar activities over the last years.

Learn more about the project  |  Read the event report

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Working Paper: Integrated Border Management and Development
by Martijn Pluim and Martin Hofmann

Effective border management can enable sustainable development and secure respect for human rights. This connection might initially not be obvious. At second glance, however, the linkages are clear: borders facilitate trade and increase state revenues, enhance the mobility of people, reduce the threat of crime - and this enables development.

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Mixed migration routes in the Mediterranean

Evolution of migration flows in the Mediterranean

10 May

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27-30 May

AEDP: Second Diaspora Development Forum in Valetta, Malta

27-30 May

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