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Enhancing Georgia’s Migration Management (ENIGMMA)

Objective: The overall objective of the project is to strengthen the migration governance framework in Georgia in line with the Visa Liberalisation Action Plan. Taking into account the priorities set down by the Georgian government in its Migration Strategy, as well as the areas covered by the VLAP, ICMPD, with the strong involvement of experts from EU MS, will support Georgia in capacity building and institutional reform in the following migration management areas: 

  • legal migration, including support in labour migration strategy development, circular migration, diaspora involvement, and visa policy, as well as awareness raising on legal migration by creating a guidebook on legal migration procedures in Georgia
  • fundamental human rights, including areas such as general awareness raising on human rights, data protection, international protection, addressing human rights issues in all procedures related to irregular migration, trafficking in human beings (THB) and border management, with a special focus on vulnerable groups
  • strengthening of the analytical capacities and knowledge base on migration in Georgia, in particular, in areas covered by the VLAP, including cooperation with academia and development of the Migration Handbook for Georgia
  • support in the development of an evidence-based migration policy framework, including a comprehensive analysis of migration's impact on socio-economic development in Georgia and EU MS support in the development of the Migration Strategy and Action plan for 20162020.
Summary: The development of the unified migration data information system is a priority for the Georgian government established by the Migration Strategy. The development and making operational of such a system requires the analysis of comparability of all existing databases and all migration procedures in place. This requirement is also reflected in the Action Plan for the implementation of the Migration Strategy. Therefore, this component shall be implemented by both implementing international organisations (ICMPD and IOM).

Communication to EU Member States
Flash Report No 8

Implementing Agencies: EU Delegation to Georgia (EUD), civil society, ICMPD and the International Organisation for Migration (IOM), in cooperation with the State Commission on Migration Issues of Georgia (SCMI)

Donor: European Union

Duration: January 2014June 2017


For more information on this project, please visit the homepage of ENIGMMA.


In addition to the Competence Centre for Legal Migration & Integration, ICMPD's Brussels Mission, through its MIEUX II programme, carries out capacity building projects that deal with legal migration and integration issues.


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