Ongoing Projects

Country: Strengthening Migration Management Authorities in Kosovo (MIMAK)

Objective: The overall objective of Strengthening Migration Management Authorities in Kosovo (MIMAK) is to improve migration management and discourage irregular migration by strengthening the capacities of the migration management authorities in Kosovo.

Summary: On 27 October 2015, Kosovo reached an important milestone by signing the Stabilisation and Association Agreement with the EU, thereby opening a new phase in the EU-Kosovo relationship and bringing Kosovo a step closer to European integration. In view of Kosovo’s ambition to join the European Union, a number of requirements and key obligations need to be met in line with the objectives of this project. To support this process, MIMAK aims to 1) build the National Coordinator for Migration’s capacities to steer migration policy development, implementation and monitoring; 2) support the development of standardised data collection and analysis practices, grounded on whole-of-government-approach principles, to draft evidence-based policy recommendations; and 3) raise awareness amongst the population on the benefits of regular migration and consequences of irregular migration.

Donor: Swiss State Secretariat for Migration

Duration: October 2016 – October 2018

Country: Kosovo


Link Up! Serbia – Facilitating Diaspora Investments

Objective: The overall objective of Link Up! Serbia – Facilitating Diaspora Investments is to assess the business ecosystem for diaspora investments in Serbia by identifying market failures, underutilized investment situations, and explores mechanisms that could be instituted to leverage diaspora direct investments.

Summary: The Serbian diaspora represents with 112.477 persons the second largest number of third-country nationals residing in Austria. Serbia is also the country with the highest number of remittances flows out of Austria: in 2012, the total value of remittances sent through official channels was estimated at USD 1,8 billion. According to data from the World Bank, personal remittances to Serbia represented 8.4% of its GDP. The potential to leverage such resources for the development of the private sector in Serbia exists, thus this assessment report will help to explore the possibilities for establishing financial instruments and mechanisms that can facilitate the use of remittances and know how towards productive investments to Serbia. The assessment report i) analyses the current (enabling) business ecosystem in Serbia for diaspora investments through the review of the legal and regulatory framework for SMEs;  ii) gauges Serbian diasporas interest in Austria for various diaspora direct investment instruments and products; iii) identifies possible mechanisms for channeling remittances into investment products in Serbia; iv) makes recommendations on possible policy interventions or other mechanisms to attract Serbian diaspora investments; and, v) looks at how a diaspora direct investment strategy would fit into a regional approach.  

Donor: Austrian Development Agency

Duration: October 2016 – October 2017

Country: Serbia


Support of a Development-sensitive and Coherent Turkish Migration Policy Framework (Sessiz Destek)

Objective: The Sessiz Destek (silent support) project aims to support the Directorate General of Migration Management (DGMM) in achieving its objective of devising a development-sensitive and coherent migration policy, with particular emphasis on the external dimension of migration strategies and programmes.

Summary: Following the adoption of the new Law on Foreigners and International Protection, the DGMM became operational in April 2014 under the Ministry of Interior in order to i.a. implement migration policies and strategies. The DGMM serves as the national migration governance focal point in Turkey. The Sessiz Destek project supports the DGMM in the conceptualisation and operationalisation of its strategies, and contributes to its capacity development with a view to developing a development-sensitive and coherent migration policy framework. Over the course of the project, ICMPD will provide ad hoc policy advisory services in parallel to multi-disciplinary workshops and a tailored training programme on migration and development for government officials.

Furthermore, the project will support efforts to ensure policy coherence across all migration-related sectors and actions of Turkey in terms of their contributions to development. Coordination and cooperation will be promoted both within and between the DGMM and other ministries in order to promote an understanding of the role of migration and its outcomes in related non-migration sector policies, such as health, education, housing and social protection.

Sessiz Destek Call for Experts

Implementing Agency: ICMPD, external experts and donor experts

Donor: Switzerland (State Secretariat for Migration)

Duration: November 2014October 2016

Country: Turkey

More information on the project can be found here.


Africa-Europe Diaspora Development Platform (ADEPT, formerly AEDP) – Transition Project

Objective: The ADEPTwill strengthen the capacities and impact of the African Diaspora Development Organisations (ADDOs) to perform as development actors, by increasing performance and involvement in development actions and enable the AEDPT to function as an independent and permanent African diaspora-lead and managed platform.

The activities of the project will be implemented in three consecutive phases (inception, implementation and closing) and under two complementary components: 1) development and delivery of services (training, website building, directories and databases, networking, policy, etc.), 2) platform-building activities to establish a functioning ADEPT (organisational and operational structure and engagement programmes).

Implementing Agency: African Foundation for Development (AFFORD) with the support of ICMPD

Donors: European Commission, Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation

Duration: July 2014December 2017

Countries: Africa, EU Member States, Switzerland and Norway

More information on the project can be found here.



Other ICMPD Capacity Building Projects Dealing with Migration and Development

In addition to the Competence Centre for Migration & Development, ICMPD's Brussels Mission carries out capacity building projects in migration and development. The MIEUX II programme has executed a number of projects dealing with migration and development.