Completed Projects

Development of a Transnational Referral Mechanism for Sweden (SE-TRM)/Targeted support to County Administrative Board of Stockholm (CABS)

Objective: The overall objective was to strengthen the links and cooperation between anti-trafficking stakeholders in Sweden by way of developing a transnational referral mechanism model to facilitate and provide necessary support to victims of human trafficking as well as to put into practice the existing legislative and administrative procedures. More specifically, the project:

  • mapped out the capacity of relevant actors to identify, refer and assist trafficked persons in order to detect needs and gaps in current Swedish practices
  • developed the first draft of the standard operating procedures (SOPs) for establishing a Swedish TRM according to a victim-centred and multi-agency approach.
The full project description can be found here.

Implementing Agency:

Partners: County Administrative Board of Stockholm (CABS), Prosecution Authority, Swedish Migration Board, police authorities, social services, IOM Helsinki and NGOs, among others

Donor: County Administrative Board of Stockholm (CABS)

Duration: May 201415 January 2015


Towards a Pan-European Monitoring System of Trafficking in Human Beings (Pan-EU MoSy)

Objective: The overall objective was to share with other countries a THB Monitoring System (Pan-EU MoSy) in the framework of best practices regarding the harmonisation of procedures for the collection, treatment, analysis and sharing of information. More specifically, the project:

  • developed a Common European System to support data analyses at a transnational level, namely by sharing territorial-based statistical data
  • delivered customised technical solutions and promote a network of data providers
  • extended the project to other relevant countries of origin, transit and destination in the EU and neighbouring countries.

Implementing Agency: Portuguese Ministry of Internal Affairs (ICMPD is an associate partner)

Advisory Board Members: DGPJ/PT (Directorate-General for Justice Policy), EUROPOL, EUROSTAT, FRONTEX, ICMPD, IOM, OIIP, OSCE, UNODC / (GLOTIP)

Donor: European Union

Duration: January 2013December 2014

Countries: Austria, Bulgaria, Cyprus and Portugal


Fight against Trafficking in Human Beings – Phase 1 (THB/IFS/1)

Objectives: The project aimed:

  • to improve systems of data collection, analysis and exchange at the national and transnational level to increase knowledge on the scale and nature of trafficking in human beings
  • to facilitate information sharing and enhance coordination on trafficking in human beings at the regional level
  • to enhance national and transnational law enforcement cooperation and the capacity of a broad range of stakeholders to address and fight the crime of trafficking in human beings more effectively.

Summary: The project applied a three-step approach to enhance counter-trafficking measures in the participating countries as follows. The full project description can be downloaded here.  The project's online platform can be accessed here.

Implementing Agency: ICMPD in cooperation with France Expertise Internationale (FEI) and  the International Foundation of Administration and Public Policies of Spain (FIIAPP)

Donor: European Union

Duration: January 2013September 2014

Countries: Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Moldova and Turkey



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