Capacity Building

The capacity building component builds on the recommendations of the MICIC consultation process, the Guidelines and the research. It aims to support States, civil society, regional organisations and other relevant actors to better assist and protect migrants who live temporarily or permanently in countries affected by crisis. ICMPD kicked off this global capacity building programme after the launch of the MICIC Guidelines in October 2016, including the following initiatives:

  • Crisis Preparedness and Consular Contingency Planning: In cooperation with the Commission on Filipinos Overseas (CFO), ICMPD implements a series of introductory seminars and follow-up trainings on the topic of crisis preparedness and consular contingency planning for consular staff. The overall objective of this Initiative is to enhance the capabilities of foreign posts to act as first responders and to address the specific needs and mitigate the vulnerabilities of migrants in countries in crisis. The specific objective is to support consular officials in developing migrant-centred consular contingency plans and to strengthen existing plans.
MICIC Factsheet Crisis Preparedness and Consular Contingency Planning, Phase I 
MICIC Interactive Contingency Plan Template 

  • MICIC Infographics: The MICIC infographics raise awareness on the MICIC Initiative and the EU-funded MICIC project and improve the understanding of the needs and vulnerabilities of migrants in emergencies. The graphics further illustrate roles and responsibilities of stakeholders dealing with migrants in times of crises in an interactive format and help translate the MICIC Guidelines and research findings into action.  
  • Partners in Preparedness: The Partners in Preparedness Initiative aims to create national platforms to strengthen multi-stakeholder coordination between governments, civil society organisations and other key actors to provide streamlined assistance and protection to migrants in times of crises. 
  • Migrant Children in Emergencies: The Migrant Children in Emergencies Initiative tackles the specific vulnerabilities and needs migrant children face when a crisis hits their country of residence and strengthens the capacity of government officials to provide adequate support and information

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