Supporting the Third Phase of the Rabat Process: the Dakar Strategy

Objective: The project supports the implementation of the third phase of the Rabat Process by providing the partners with an open framework for consultation, coordination and cooperation.

Summary: Below are the expected results of the project:

  • The Rabat Process remains an active platform for structured and operational dialogue on migration issues, which reflects its state driven nature.
  • The African and European stakeholders acquire and share knowledge on migratory movements and better coordinate their migration-related actions.
  • Significant steps in attaining the priority objectives of the Dakar Strategy are supported and monitored.

Activities: A number of concrete activities are being carried out along the priority areas identified by the countries of the Rabat Process. More detailed information, including the state of play of activities, can be found on the website of the Rabat Process.

Implementing Agency:

Partner: The International and Ibero-American Foundation for Administration and Public Policies (FIIAPP)

Donor: European Union

Duration: January 2013June 2015

Countries: the countries of North Africa, West Africa, Central Africa and the EU


The Process in Action: Initiatives in the Region

This interactive map lists migration-related initiatives implemented in the partner countries in Africa. The map, available on the Rabat Process website, is partitioned per country and per pillar (legal migration, irregular migration, and migration and development). By clicking on a country, one can find information on actions that have been implemented since the adoption of the Paris Cooperation Programme in 2008 and are relevant to the Rabat Process. Information uploaded to this section is based on information collected and may not be necessarily up-to-date. The support project at can be contacted in case of questions or comments.

The Support Project

Objective: The project was designed as an open yet structured instrument that aimed to support to the further advancement of the Rabat Process by enabling the signatory states of the Rabat Declaration to actively participate in a constructive dialogue on all migration-related aspects.

Summary: The Rabat Process established an important forum for countries along the West African Migratory Route to come together and reinforce their cooperation. In this context, the European Commission launched an initiative (framed under the EU financed Project “Support to the EU-Africa Partnership on Migration, Mobility and Employment”) that aimed to support the process by providing an open framework for consultations on a flexible thematic and geographic basis, strengthening the leadership of the key stakeholders and facilitating the exchange of information and good practices.

The main activities of the initiative were:

  • expert meetings aimed at reinforcing institutional dialogue and cooperation mechanisms
  • interventions aimed at facilitating the transfer of know-how, resources and expertise to support the capacities of the key stakeholders of the process
  • communication, knowledge management and networking activities aimed at supporting the dialogue between the national and regional actors working in areas related to migration.


A structured, open, effective and operational dialogue was maintained, which is supportive to the Rabat Process and which reflects its state-driven nature. ICMPD and FIIAPP provided logistical and administrative support for the development of the process and its activities and facilitated the implementation of the Paris Cooperation Programme. At the institutional level, the African and European stakeholders with expertise and knowledge participated in a network for information exchange using a wide range of resources, with an emphasis placed on proactive information dissemination.

Implementing Agency: ICMPD

Partner: The International and Ibero-American Foundation for Administration and Public Policies (FIIAPP)

Donor: European Union

Duration: 20082011 (30 months)


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This project is funded by the European Union