Asylum has been an important theme for a number of activities carried out by the Research Unit. For example, the study 'Benchmark Study on Asylum Practices in Switzerland, Denmark and the United Kingdom' analysed the most recent developments in asylum policies and practices, relating them to changes in both asylum claims and the perception of attractiveness of destination countries. The specific form of asylum and return procedures was the main focus of the study 'Study on Airport Asylum Procedures at European Airports', commissioned by the Swiss Federal Office for Migration.

Statistical analysis has also been an important aspect of research on asylum, both as part of broader studies on migration statistics, as well as through targeted research projects. In particular, the Rapid Asylum Inflow Alert System (RAIAS) regularly analysed trends of asylum-related flows in 11 countries, focusing on data collection and management.

Finally, the Research Unit has also been involved in evaluations of country of origin research. Among others, it undertook evaluations of country of origin reports produced by the British Home Office, and contributed to an external evaluation of the Austrian Country of Origin Research Unit within the Federal Office for Asylum.


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