Completed Research

External Monitoring of the Quality and Survey of Demand of the Country of Origin Information Unit of the Austrian Ministry of the Interior

Objective: The objective of the project was to improve the quality of and the demands on the products of the Country of Origin Information Unit of the AT Ministry of Interior by developing and proposing an institutionalised monitoring system of the COI unit and their products. This project was carried out by the ICMPD Research Unit and the ICMPD Competence Centre for Asylum.

Implementing Agency: ICMPD

Donors: EFF National Fund and Ministry of Interior of Austria

Duration: March 2011September 2011


Rapid Asylum Inflow Alert System (RAIAS)

Objectives:  The objectives of the project were: 1) to analyse on a regular basis trends of asylum related flows in 11 countries - Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden and Switzerland (ICMPD Member States) and 2)to understand the main problems in terms of reliability and comparability of data.

Summary: The outcome of the project was a continuous evaluation on the trends of asylum-related flows based on: 1) analysis of available data and definitions used by ICMPD Member States and 2) data management and data exchange mechanisms applied by ICMPD Member States.

Implementing Agency: ICMPD

Donor: Switzerland

Duration: FebruaryAugust 2010


Benchmark Study on Asylum Practices in Switzerland, Denmark and United Kingdom Regarding Iraqi, Somali and Eritrean Asylum Seekers

Objective: The study aimed to comparatively describe developments in asylum policies and practices in the selected countries and to relate them to: 1) changes in the number of asylum claims submitted by the target group and 2) changes in the perception of attractiveness of the destination countries: Denmark, Switzerland and United Kingdom.

Summary: The project included a comparative analysis of asylum and return policies in Denmark, Switzerland and United Kingdom and a statistical analysis on asylum claims of Iraqi, Somali and Eritrean asylum seekers submitted in Denmark, Switzerland and United Kingdom.

Publication: Final report: Benchmarkstudie: Praxis im Asylbereich in Dänemark, Grossbritannien und der Schweiz im Vergleich und betreffend Gesuchssteller aus den Herkunftsländern Irak, Somalia und Eritrea. Download (DE)

Implementing Agency: ICMPD

Donor: Swiss Federal Office for Migration (BFM)

Duration: August 2008February 2010


Study on Airport Asylum Procedures at European Airports

Objectives: The Swiss Federal Office for Migration commissioned ICMPD to undertake a comparative study of asylum procedures at seven European airports - Zürich, Brussels, Frankfurt a.M., London-Heathrow, Vienna, Paris-Roissy and Schiphol. The objectives of the study were: 1) to provide an overview of the legal and practical framework and methods applied in the selected airports, 2) to enable the BMF to put the Swiss policies into a European perspective and 3) to design better and more rational airport asylum procedures.

Summary: The study consisted of a comparative analysis of 1) asylum procedures at the airport, 2) accommodations of asylum seekers during the procedure in the transit zone and 3) deportation and securing. The study included elements of field research (qualitative interviews with governmental, non-governmental and international organisations involved as well as visitation of the respective premises at the airport) and desk research (examination of legal texts, literature and relevant statistics).

Publication: Final report - Flughafenverfahrensstudie:  Vergleichende Studie des rechtlichen Rahmens und administrativer Praktiken hinsichtlich der Behandlung von Asylgesuchen und der Rückführung von unzureichend dokumentierten Personen an Flughäfen in sieben Europäischen Staaten: Download (DE) (8,56 MB)

Implementing Agency:

Donor: Swiss Federal Office for Migration (BFM)

Duration: November 2008March 2009


Comparative Study on Country of Origin Information Systems - Study on COI Systems in Ten European Countries and the Potential for Further Improvement of COI Cooperation

Objectives: This study aimed to: 1) provide a comparative analysis of the setup and functioning of COI systems in 10 European countries (Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom), as they are one of the core competences of any asylum system and to 2) identify the potentials and obstacles for strengthening European COI cooperation.

Summary: The study resulted in an elaboration of a detailed and comprehensive questionnaire addressed to the responsible Heads of COI Units in the ten countries and a special workshop on COI cooperation at ICMPD, Vienna, March 2006, attended by the heads of COI units or their representatives.

Publication:  Michael Jandl, Brigitte Suter (2006). Study on Country of Origin Systems in Ten European Countries and the Potential for Further Improvement of COI Cooperation. Download (EN, 661KB)

Implementing Agency: ICMPD

Donor: Dutch Advisory Committee on Aliens Affairs (ACVZ)

Duration: 2006


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