Migration & Development

The Research Unit's activities have not yet specifically focused on migration and development. However, the Research Unit has carried out research activities relevant to issues of migration and development and has provided input to migration and development initiatives pursued by other ICMPD units. 

Among others, the Research Unit has contributed to ICMPD’s support to the Global Forum on Migration and Development, notably regarding research and statistical data required for evidence-based policies on migration and development. It has also contributed to the development of an e-learning course for civil society organisations and local authorities implementing migration and to the development of related projects implemented under the European Commission’s and the United Nations’ Joint Migration and Development Initiative. In addition, the research team has contributed to the work of the Suitland Working Group within the UNECE’s working group on migration statistics, which explores the use of household surveys in measuring migration both in countries of destination and countries of origin. Members of the research team have also published on the global history of migration, including its development impact, and African migration, thus contributing to debates on migration and development from an academic perspective.


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