ICMPD is currently recruiting for the positions listed under Current Vacancies. ICMPD also offers a limited number of internships per year, which are also listed under Current Vacancies. Persons interested in an internship with ICMPD must register in the Expert Roster.

In addition, ICMPD welcomes unsolicited applications, in particular by candidates with expertise in the ICMPD's core competence areas or complementary expertise in consulting and research, as well as by administrative and support staff. Core competence areas include: Asylum, Border Management, Citizenship Policy, Human Smuggling, Integration, Labour Migration, Regularisation, Return and Readmission, Trafficking in Human Beings, Visa. ICMPD's geographical focus is on the European Union, Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe, the Mediterranean, CIS countries and Africa.

Interested applicants must submit their data via the Expert Roster. To apply online, they are required to use the EuropeAid CV Format. Applicants will only be contacted in case their application is successful.


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