IBM LOC-CAP Call for Experts

Project background

The International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD), an international organisation with its headquarters in Vienna, Austria, is looking for qualified candidates to fill the positions of the Non-key experts for the project “Technical Assistance for Improving Administrative Capacity of Border Management at Local Level” (IBM LOC-CAP).

The purposes of the project are to raise awareness and increase capacity in civil administration on border management (district governors) and to promote an enabling environment for comprehensive Integrated Border Management (IBM) among civil administrators thorough sustainable training approach and methodology.

Cooperation with the project team

The Non-key Experts work under the overall leadership of the Team Leader and under direct supervision of Key Training Expert (all in Ankara). Travel in Turkey will be necessary for the delivery of 10 training sessions during the second half of the year.

Main tasks
  • Support key experts to deliver the project activities related to elaboration of the training strategy, program, methods and training tools for the training of the local administrators in Turkey in the area of Integrated Border Management
  • Gather and review existing legal and policy documents on the duties of local level administrators in border management area and existing training strategies, programs and curriculum for district governors in Turkey
  • Advice key experts and elaborate training strategy, program, curriculum, syllabuses and training plans which are in line with the current practices and beneficiary requirements
  • Develop specific components of training programme, approach and curriculum as well syllabuses on the selected topics
  • Prepare training materials and contribute to drafting of training manual
  • Provide trainings to local level administrators (to be given together with other experts in 10 sessions, 5 consecutive week days per training)
  • Perform other related to the project activities duties, as assigned
The selected experts have to contribute to the developments of the training strategy, program, curriculum, syllabuses and training sessions in the number of the following topics:
  • National operational legislation (related to border, border authorities, aliens, passport, anti-smuggling, asylum, dealing with asylum- seekers, checks, penal code, penal procedures, human rights, travel documents, organized crime, drugs, cultural and natural heritage, organ and tissue, tobacco and alcohol regulation, trafficking of nuclear materials, petroleum market, guns, anti-money laundering, intellectual property rights);
  • Civil service legislation (Civil Servants Law, Disciplinary Law, Asset declarations, Fighting against corruption);
  • Constitution (Fundamental rights, Infringement of civil rights, Border authorities in a democratic state governed by the rule of law);
  • Supra-national legislation (UN maritime convention and treaties, bi-lateral agreements on cross-border cooperation);
  • Border authorities Operations (General information and procedures, communication with the National Operations & Risk Analysis Centre, crime intelligence, risk analysis and profiling);
  • Protocols, developing Memorandum of Understandings (MoU) between neighbouring countries;
  • Traffic Science (national and international traffic legislation, national and international driving licences, transport of hazardous goods, car safety and security);
  • Phytosanitary and Veterinary Services, concerning EU procedures and standards in their respective professional fields;
  • Inter-agency cooperation, exchange of information and coordination in Border Management and Local Administrators' role in these issues.
As described in the section under ’’Main tasks’’.

February-December 2017.

Required qualifications
  • Education of, at least Bachelor’s degree in economics, political and/or administrative sciences, law, pedagogic or related field
  • Minimum 7 years of relevant professional experience in sectors related to public administration and/or home affairs in Turkey and/or abroad
  • Substantial knowledge and experience in preparation and delivering training sessions related to the border management and / or migration
  • Knowledge on the EC Integrated Border Management concept and the IBM Guidelines is an asset
  • Knowledge of the issues related to Turkish province administration in area of border coordination would be an asset
  • Excellent oral and written English communication skills, including the ability to draft training programs, curriculum and manuals;
  • Knowledge of Turkish language is essential;
  • Previous work experience on the border management activities in Turkey.

Procedure for expression of interest
Experts are invited to:
  • Send their CV via email in order for it to be included in the IBM LOC-CAP Expert Database
  • Contact the project team by email or telephone for more information: or +43 1 504 46 77 - 2311


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