Migrants in Countries of Crisis (MICIC) Call for Experts

Supporting an Evidence-based Approach for Effective an Cooperative State Action

Project Description

Building on the "Guidelines to Protect Migrants in Countries Experiencing Conflict or Natural Disaster" , and other related fora, this technical support will address key thematic areas relevant to migrants in countries in crisis, such as: crisis preparedness and consular contingency planning, humanitarian border management, crisis coordination and cooperation mechanisms, standard operating procedures, return and reintegration in a post-crisis context, crisis communication and outreach strategies and more.

The MICIC Initiative was launched in May 2014 at the Global Forum on Migration and Development (GFMD), following a call for action during the 2013 UN General Assembly High-level Dialogue on International Migration and Development. Co-chaired by the Governments of the United States and the Philippines and supported by a Working Group2, the Initiative was a voluntary, State-led process to improve the capacity of governments and other stakeholders to prepare for and respond to crises, alleviate suffering, and protect the dignity and rights of migrants in countries in situations of acute crisis.

In support of the MICIC Initiative, ICMPD coordinated regional, high-level consultations in Manila, Brussels, Dakar, San José, Valletta, and Kigali, which brought together over 600 representatives of States, international organisations, civil society and academia, to share best practices and propose a way forward to strengthen the international community’s capacity to better manage situations where migrants have ended up in a vulnerable situation in a country experiencing acute crisis. The results of the consultative process led to the development of the Guidelines which were officially launched in June 2016 at the United Nations in New York and Geneva.

Expert Involvement

Senior experts in the following areas: emergency consular affairs, counter trafficking in times of crisis, humanitarian border management, migrant communication and outreach, return and reintegration in a post-crisis context, crisis migration, disaster preparedness, and humanitarian action.

We welcome English, French, Arabic, Spanish and Russian native-speakers; an excellent command of either English or French is an essential requirement.

Experts should be available for occasional, short-term assignments. They should adopt a flexible approach and stand ready to provide punctual assistance at relatively short notice.

Expert Assignments

Experts are recruited to assist with the preparation and implementation of capacity building activities by delivering technical inputs. Examples of such inputs include:

- Developing and reviewing legal frameworks and policy documents in the thematic areas of the project
- Conducting on-site training and assessments
- Preparing workshop material and moderating workshops
- Providing expert presentations on relevant topics

Our Work

The ICMPD-MICIC Team manages all capacity building activities, which includes the development of the project activities; facilitating endorsement by the European Commission; liaising with the beneficiaries and experts to ensure smooth implementation of activities; organising the logistics of all activities; and overseeing the completion, monitoring and evaluation of all activities to ensure that they are of high quality.

The ICMPD-MICIC Team will brief the expert in preparation of the activity they are assigned to. Specific Terms of Reference will be developed for each activity.

At the end of each activity experts will complete a report outlining the results and achievements of the overall action, highlighting challenges and opportunities for further learning and programme improvement. The ICMPD-MICIC Team will evaluate the expert after an activity on the basis of an evaluation grid – this information will be for internal use by ICMPD only.

Application Process

Experts are invited to submit their CVs to icmpd-micic@icmpd.org. Expert CVs will be added to the ICMPD-MICIC Expert Roster, which is an internal tool that will be used solely for the purpose of ICMPD activities.

CVs will be selected by ICMPD from the Roster, on an ad hoc basis as needs arise, in order to facilitate the recruitment of experts to work on specific MICIC capacity building activities. The ICMPD-MICIC Team is unable to guarantee that the experts included in the Roster will receive assignments.

The Call for Experts is open for the lifetime of the project; i.e. until Januray 2019.
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