Sessiz Destek Call for Experts

Sessiz Destek – Support of a Development-sensitive and Coherent Turkish Migration Policy

Project Description

The Sessiz Destek (silent support) project aims to support the Directorate General of Migration Management (DGMM) in achieving its objective of devising a development-sensitive and coherent migration policy, with particular emphasis on the external dimension of migration strategies and programmes.

Summary: Following the adoption of the new Law on Foreigners and International Protection, the DGMM became operational in April 2014 under the Ministry of Interior in order to i.a. implement migration policies and strategies. The DGMM serves as the national migration governance focal point in Turkey. The Sessiz Destek project supports the DGMM in the conceptualisation and operationalisation of its strategies, and contributes to its capacity development with a view to developing a development-sensitive and coherent migration policy framework. Over the course of the project, ICMPD will provide ad hoc policy advisory services in parallel to multi-disciplinary workshops and a tailored training programme on migration and development for government officials.

Furthermore, the project will support efforts to ensure policy coherence across all migration-related sectors and actions of Turkey in terms of their contributions to development. Coordination and cooperation will be promoted both within and between the DGMM and other ministries in order to promote an understanding of the role of migration and its outcomes in related non-migration sector policies, such as health, education, housing and social protection.

Role of Experts

Experts are recruited to deliver inputs to Sessiz Destek Training Workshops focussing thematically on Migration & Development. Such inputs include:

  • presentations and training material preparations on the thematic focus area of individual training
  • moderating training sessions
  • participation in interactive discussions with training participants on the project's e-learning platform.
Profile of Experts

  • Expertise (practical and/or academic knowledge and experience) in one or more of the training topics and sub-topics mentioned in the overview table below
  • Understanding of evidence-based migration policy development
  • Training and facilitation skills
  • Excellent oral and written English knowledge (knowledge of Turkish will be an asset)
  • Regional experience and knowledge will be an asset

Overview of Training Topics

Topics (tentative)Time Frame

The Migration & Development Nexus

  • Conceptualisation of the linkages between migration and development
  • Migrants as (development) actors
  • Main issues at stake
  • Socio-cultural factors in the migration process
  • Migration and development trends in Turkey

Beginning of May 2015






Migration & Development: what does it mean in practice?

  • Migration and development at the EU level
  • Migration and development at national level: country examples
  • Migration and development initiatives in Turkey
June 2015

The Migration & Development Debate at the Regional and Global Level

  • Main processes and milestones at global level
  • International cooperation frameworks
  • The Sustainable Development Goals
  • The Global Forum on Migration and Development
  • Regional (economic) cooperation, migration and development
  • Regional migration dialogues in addressing migration and development
  • Turkey's experience from the GFMD and the Budapest Process chairmanship
Tentatively September 2015

Coherence between Migration & Development Policies

  • Public policy sectors and their links to migration and development
  • Integration of development concerns in migration policies
  • Integration of migration in development cooperation
  • Inter-institutional cooperation
  • Stakeholders and policies in Turkey
Tentatively November 2015

Cooperation on Migration & Development

  • Migration and development at the local level and involvement of local authorities
  • Cooperation with civil society, incl. academia and the media
 Tentatively February 2016

Migration, Development and ...

  • Migration topics through the migration & development lens
    • Labour migration
    • Integration
    • Irregular migration
    • Forced migration
Tentatively June 2016

Experts are invited to:
  • send their CV and an indication of the training topic of interest via email in order for it to be included in the Sessiz Destek Expert Database
  • contact the project team by email or telephone for more information
ICMPD will contact you after reviewing your CV with further information.

Contact Details:
Contact the project team:; phone: +43 1 504467723 67 or +90 5325216163

A PDF of the announcement can be downloaded here.    


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