There are three Directorates and the Brussels Mission which form the core structure of ICMPD. This structure aims at enabling growth through regionalisation and decentralisation. It strives for value creation through policy focus and knowledge management. And finally this structure seeks to create innovation through new approaches, topics and expertise.


Office of the Director General, Director General Michael Spindelegger  

  • Secretariat
  • Communications
  • Directorate for Management
  • Directorate for Policy, Research and Strategy
  • Directorate Migration Dialogues and Cooperation 
  • Brussels Mission 
  • People Managemnent and Organisation Development
  • Corporate Financial Management

Policy, Research & Strategy (PRS), Director, and Deputy Director General Lukas Gehrke

  • External and Member States Relations
  • Member States Programme
  • Policy Unit
  • Research
  • Strategy
  • Knowledge Management

Resources and Operations Management, Director Angiolo Rolli

  • Corporate Resources Management
  • Management Systems Support
  • Information and Communications Technology
    Migration Dialogues and Cooperation (MDC), Director Martijn Pluim
  • Programmes and Project Development
  • Western Balkans and Turkey
  • Eastern Europe and Central Asia
  • Silk Routes
  • Mediterranean
  • Africa

Brussels Mission, Head of Mission Ralph Genetzke

  • Policy and Strategic Partnerships
  • Global Initiatives
  • Resource Management