Border Management Conference 2023

Border Management Conference 2023

06 December 2023 - 07 December 2023


The 6th Annual International Border Management Conference will take place in Istanbul, the Republic of Türkiye. It will be organised in person, so that participants can exchange and interact directly amongst each other, and attend the presentations, which will be delivered live at the venue. Only invited and registered participants will have access to the conference.

The main objectives of this conference are to update the audience about the recent policy or strategic developments in the main of relevance to integrated border management and suggest innovative solutions for improvement of border management worldwide. The attention will be focussed mostly on the efforts towards setting harmonised practices or approaches in support to enhanced cooperation and coordination at the borders. The conference will also be the occasion to share, present and discuss practices and methods for supporting actual and aligned implementation of these practices at multiagency level but also across borders.

Presentations and discussions will be held in English with simultaneous interpretation into Turkish, Arabic, and Russian.

Lunch is provided both days, and the official welcome dinner will follow the end of opening session on the 6th. All attendees are welcome. 

Full details of location, schedule and logistics will be shared with registered guests only. If you are interested, please write to