Prague Process Targeted Initiative (PP TI)

Overall Objective: The main aim of the PP TI is to enhance cooperation in the area of migration and asylum between the countries of the European Union, the Schengen Area, the Eastern Partnership, the Western Balkans and Central Asia, as well as Russia and Turkey, through supporting the implementation of the Prague Process and its Action Plan 20122016.


Specific Objective 1: to ensure continued expert-level dialogue and targeted information exchange among states participating in the Prague Process on the topics identified in the Prague Process Action Plan

Specific Objective 2: to maintain, update and/or further improve the BMP knowledge base through the gathering of information in the form of Migration Profiles for countries participating in the Prague Process

Specific Objective 3: to implement, following the rationale of the Global Approach to Migration and Mobility and the Prague Process Action Plan, four concrete initiatives (pilot projects), one in each of the following areas:

  • preventing and fighting illegal migration
  • addressing legal migration and mobility with a special emphasis on labour migration
  • making migration and mobility positive forces for development
  • strengthening capacities in the areas of asylum and international protection
Pilot Project 1 Illegal Migration led by Poland with support of Slovakia and Romania:

  • Compilation of best practices
  • Prague Process Guidelines on concluding readmission agreements and organising returns
  • Capacity of participating states to manage return and readmission is strengthened
Pilot Project 2 Legal Migration led by Hungary:

  • Compilation of best practices
  • Prague Process Recommendations on organising labour migration between countries of origin and countries of destination, focusing on access to information by potential migrants and aspects of better labour matching
  • Capacity of participating states is strengthened to support the effective organisation of labour migration by providing information to potential migrants
Pilot Project 3 Migration and Development led by the Czech Republic:

  • Compilation of best practices
  • Prague Process Guidelines on Circular Migration Policies
  • Understanding in participating states of the concept of circular migration and measures to effectively facilitate it is increased
Pilot Project 4 International Protection and Asylum led by Sweden and Germany:

  • The EASO/European Asylum Curriculum (EAC) training module on inclusion translated into Russian language and available online
  • A number of national asylum authorities will have become familiar with the EAC Concept and a number of national experts will have been trained and will become certified EAC trainers on inclusion
  • Participating asylum case officers and decision-makers in partner countries will have improved their skills and knowledge in international refugee law (asylum), including the EU asylum acquis
  • Prague Process Guidelines on asylum procedures and training needs, including a structured assessment on training needs in the participating states

In addition to the PP TI, there are several other projects, such as ERIS and SIPPAP, implemented under the umbrella of the Prague Process. These projects are based on the Action Plan but implemented outside of the PP TI and follow the Prague Process's principles of equality and mutual interests, as well as its voluntary nature.

Implementing Agency: ICMPD

Lead State: Poland

Duration: 20122016


BMP Transitional

Objective: The project "The Prague Process: Continuation of the Building Migration Partnerships Dialogue” (BMP2)" maintained and updated the BMP knowledge base, finalised the text of the Prague Process Action Plan for the implementation of the BMP Joint Declaration from 20122016 and prepared the document for its endorsement at the Second Prague Process Ministerial Conference in Poznan, Poland on 34 November 2011. Through targeted funding, the European Commission provided the financial means for the implementation of the Prague Process Action Plan from 20122014.

Implementing Agency: ICMPD

Donors and Lead States: Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovakia

Duration: July 2011July 2012


BMP Initiative

Objective: The objective of the project “Building Migration Partnerships - A platform for applying the Global Approach to Migration to the Eastern and South-Eastern Regions Neighbouring the European Union” (BMP1)  was to gather the information necessary for the implementation of the Joint Declaration.

Summary: The BMP knowledge base gathers information in the form of a set of Extended Migration Profiles, which are based on the template prepared by the European Commission. The interactive online map – BMP i-Map – was developed to ensure access to the available information for all Prague Process/BMP participating states at, under the section “Building Migration Partnerships”. The knowledge base was prepared through a set of high-level introductory missions and expert missions, as well as workshops and senior officials´ meetings, which served as the decisive body in BMP.

Implementing Agency: ICMPD

Lead Agencies: The Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic, together with the ministries of interiors of Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovakia

Donor: European Union (European Commission)

Duration: May 2009June 2011


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