Stepping Up the Fight against Trafficking for Labour Exploitation

The publication Stepping Up the Fight against Trafficking for Labour Exploitation was drafted in the framework of the project "Capacity Building for Combating Trafficking for Labour Exploitation (CB LAB)", funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and implemented by the International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD). The project aimed at setting up a programme of training sessions on trafficking for labour exploitation and related matters, such as cross-border judicial cooperation, transnational police investigation and European and international legal frameworks of combating labour exploitation.

This publication summarises the proceedings of the project by reiterating the most important lessons learned and provides a basis for potential replication of one or more of the training sessions conducted in its framework. Based on the recommendations collected and the many forward-looking suggestions, the project team hopes to continue providing support to the countries that participated in the project, catering to the training needs of all target groups while fostering continuity and promoting transnational cooperation. The model for designing multidisciplinary transnational capacity-building activities, introduced by this project publication, is already being used as inspiration for cooperation and similar initiatives in other geographic areas.

Year of publication: 2013
Language of publication: English
Number of pages: 66

The full publication can be downloaded here.