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September 2015 Monthly Update
In this issue In the spotlight: The global development agenda and migration

ICMPD’s experts react to refugee and political crisis 

In his State of the Union speech, Commission President Juncker focused on conveying a political message – that Europe needs to act in unity and solidarity to address the refugee crisis – while details of his proposals were spelled out in a set of background documents. The Commission’s plans to improve the asylum system and manage the current crisis better through the emergency relocation of 120.000 refugees will remain a subject of debate between EU member states. In the coming weeks, ICMPD will analyse proposals tabled and their feasibility in a series of blog articles on our website. Our experts will also contribute to debates on twitter. 

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Customs officers from Belarus and Ukraine advancing their search techniques 

Essential skills required for inspections regularly carried out at border crossings were passed on to ten customs officials from Eastern Europe during a recent ICMPD training. The trainees from Belarus and Ukraine learned about practices and techniques used by customs administrations of the European Union. The capacity building event focused on the inspection of luggage, cargo and containers, while also taking into account techniques used in the search for contraband and smuggled goods in vehicles. 

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 West Africa's fight against trafficking in persons

Increased international mobility and its associated benefits, such as access to employment and remittances, represent a vital livelihood strategy for many West Africans and their families. However, mobility can also increase vulnerability to exploitation and trafficking in human beings for labour exploitation, domestic servitude, and the like. Combating trafficking in persons is a priority for the Economic Community of West African States. ICMPD supported the Annual Review Meeting of ECOWAS on trafficking at the end of July.

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Working Paper: Demand Arguments in Debates on Trafficking in Human Beings 
By Norbert Cyrus and Dita Vogel 

In 2000, the UN Trafficking Protocol has obliged states to discourage demand that fosters exploitation that leads to trafficking. 15 years later, there is still no shared understanding of what 'demand' means in this context. This new Working Paper, the first publication of the DemandAT project,  points out that the usage of vague terms can produce misunderstandings and hamper evidence-based debates on important policy issues, and therefore proposes a definition of 'demand' in debates on human trafficking. 

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The State of Migration in Georgia
By Roland Hosner, Violeta Wagner and Tamar Zurabishvili (eds)

Migration is high on the political agenda in Georgia. Large shifts in population and phases of significant emigration during the last 25 years have shaped approaches to migration management. The government is developing a new strategy, and ICMPD's report "The State of Migration in Georgia" will contribute to that. This publication covers a wide range of migration related issues, a review of the legislative and the migration management institutional frameworks, an analysis of available research and data, and includes a detailed breakdown of immigration and emigration data for Georgia.

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14-18 September

Silk Routes Partnership Project: Training of trainers on border management and trafficking in human beings in Islamabad, Pakistan

22 September

Conference: Advancing Migration Cooperation through Demand-Driven Capacity Building - MIEUX's Peer-to-Peer Approach in Brussels, Belgium

22-24 September

Rabat Process: Training on return and integration in Brussels, Belgium

23-25 September

Prague Process: Advanced seminar on asylum and international protection in Tbilisi, Georgia

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