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January 2016 Monthly Update
In this issue In the spotlight: The impact of the Syrian war and refugee situation on the region

Michael Spindelegger takes office as the new Director General of ICMPD

As of the beginning of this January, Mr Michael Spindelegger has taken office as the new Director General of ICMPD. He was elected by ICMPD’s member states in September of last year. His goals in his new position are to further strengthen ICMPD’s role as a member-driven international organisation and as a think-and-do-tank developing suitable tools for practical and effective migration management. Mr Spindelegger is taking office for 5 years, replacing Acting Director General Gabriela Abado.

View Mr Spindelegger's CV |  Read the press release

New project in 2016: Mobility partnerships with Jordan, Azerbaijan and beyond

Through so-called ‘mobility partnerships’, the EU and third countries agree to ensure smooth movement of their citizens. These partnerships allow for concrete actions to improve the situation in the way that migration, asylum and borders are dealt with. In 2016, ICMPD will establish the ‘Mobility Partnership Facility’ to provide targeted and tailor-made assistance to various countries that cooperate with the EU. Furthermore, ICMPD will support Azerbaijan and Jordan in implementing their mobility partnership agreements signed recently. These activities are funded by the EU.

What we do in the South   |   Our approach to capacity development 

New project in 2016: Supporting Internally Displaced Persons in Ukraine

The high number of persons displaced within the Ukraine – about 1.2 million – due to the ongoing armed conflict, are an issue of concern. A new project implemented by ICMPD will support the Ukrainian Ministry for Social Policy to address the long term needs of these people. ICMPD’s Competence Centre for Asylum will organise knowledge exchange between Ukraine and other countries with experience in managing internal displacement. This project is funded by the Czech Republic. 

ICMPD’s Competence Centre for Asylum   |   More about the project

New project in 2016: Border management and migration governance in Armenia 

To further enhance the cooperation between the EU and Armenia, ICMPD has started the implementation of a new project and will open a field office in Yerevan in 2016. The project will contribute to the approximation of the migration and border management in Armenia to European standards of governance, in order to increase security and facilitate trade. These activities will support the possible visa liberalisation dialogue between Armenia and the EU, which funds this project. 

Our work in the East   |   ICMPD’s Competence Centre for Border Management

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Current vacancies Latest publications

Integration trajectories in Austria – research design for a pilot study

By Roland Hosner and Maria Schlechter

Integration trajectories of recent immigrants in Austria have, until now, barely been researched. The current scientific and political debate also lacks long-term empirical data on the social structure, living conditions, values and attitudes and needs of migrants. This new ICMPD publication has developed a research design for a long-term study exploring the integration over time of immigrants new to Austria. Panel surveys and repeated interviews with the same respondents on the same topics offer a large range of analysis options due to the high information content of the data.

Download the report

2015 migration profile of Georgia

By the Georgian State Commission on Migration Issues, with the support of ICMPD's project ENIGMMA

Covering a five year period, this new publication provides the most recent data collected by all Georgian state organisations involved in migration policy. The profile presents the country as it evolves from a land of transit and emigration to a land of immigration.  It shows that Georgia is continuously improving its international protection mechanisms while also setting policies to accommodate the needs of both immigrants and return migrants. The profile was developed with the support of ICMPD’s project ENIGMMA.
Download the publication

ICMPD in the media Upcoming events

18-20 January

EUROMED: Shaping strategy and cooperation on migration issues for the Neighbourhood South region in Cairo, Egypt

17-18 February

MICIC: Regional Consultation for Latin America in San José, Costa Rica

11-12 February

Prague Process: National contact points meeting on data collection in Sofia, Bulgaria 

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