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LinkUp!: Diaspora Entrepreneurship Symposium - Opportunities and Challenges
Start:19 October
Location:Vienna, Austria

The symposium will pool international expertise on impact investment, migrant/diaspora entrepreneurship and social businesses. Around 50 stakeholders will be invited representing the government, the private sector, donor agencies, international organisations, academia, civil society and non-profit organisations to foster interdisciplinary exchanges and gain a better understanding of the opportunities and challenges surrounding diaspora entrepreneurship.

The international symposium has the following objectives:

1. Raise awareness of the positive contributions made by migrants in their countries of destination and origin

2. Exchange worldwide best practices and lessons learnt in the field of migrant/diaspora entrepreneurship and impact investment

3. Highlight and demonstrate the potential in Austria and throughout the world to engage with the diaspora and support their endeavours in creating businesses with a social, environmental and economic impact in a developing country or emerging market 

4. Develop and nurture new partnerships in Austria and other countries in support of migrant/diaspora entrepreneurship

5. Define a road map and possible ways to build or strengthen a network of migrant/diaspora businesses between countries of destination and countries of origin

The symposium builds on the Link Up! Feasibility Study conducted from March to October 2015, which explored the implementation of a new financial and capacity-building instrument or programme for diasporas in Austria. To frame the discussions, ICMPD will prepare a short background paper that will be shared with the participants prior to the event. As a follow-up to the symposium, ICMPD will summarise the discussions in the form of a report. This report will not only facilitate the finalisation of the Link Up! Feasibility Study, but also outline key discussion points and recommendations for the implementation of a support programme in Austria specifically targeting diasporas in starting up or expanding a business in a developing or emerging country.

<media 9946 _self - "TEXT, Agenda Diaspora Entrepreneurship Symposium, Agenda_Diaspora_Entrepreneurship_Symposium.pdf, 250 KB">Download the final agenda of the symposium</media>

Due to the format of the international symposium, participation is upon invitation only.