Project News: ICMPD co-organised training course on document security in Lebanon

From the 8th to the 10th of October 2019, and for the first time, trainers from the Lebanese Armed Forces’ (LAF) Central Training Center (CTC) delivered a course on document security to personnel from the United Nations’ Interim...> more

Expert Voice: The Migration Policy Cycle: Making the case for evidence-informed and inclusive policy-making

Migration ranks among the most important and contested public policy issues in many countries. In this context, the policy development process is often far away from the ‘ideal scenario’ and prone to being influenced by election...> more

Project News: MARIP invites journalists from Iraq and Pakistan to apply for migration reporting workshop

From 13 to 16 December, the German-funded project “Migration Awareness Raising in Iraq and Pakistan” (MARIP) will organise a workshop on migration reporting for journalists from both countries. Participants will be selected via...> more

Project News: Document security training for officers of the Ghana immigration service

From 30 September 11 October, ten officers from the Ghana Immigration Service (GIS) were trained and certified at the advance level on document security. The training took place at the IDCentre in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. > more

Expert Voice: Diaspora engagement – an unfinished business

Following the launch of the European Union Global Diaspora Facility, Oleg Chirita, Head of Global Initiatives explores the potential of diaspora engagement for development, scrutinising the history, evidence and rationale of...> more

Expert Voice: Attract, Facilitate and Retain - Return Migration Policies in the Context of Intra-EU Mobility

Free movement of labour within the EU has led to unprecedented possibilities for EU citizens to improve their lives by moving to higher-income EU Member States. The consequences for Member States who are mostly origin countries...> more

ICMPD Around the Globe: Michael Spindelegger gives key note speech at the National Assembly in Bulgaria

On Wednesday 2nd October, ICMPD Director General, Michael Spindelegger, gave a key note speech at a conference entitled “Comprehensive Coordination of the Migration Process” which was held at the National Assembly of the...> more

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