Expert Voice: In search for a vision of the Common European Asylum System (CEAS)

In October 2019, the first multiannual framework kicking off the development of the Common European Asylum System, the Tampere Programme, celebrates its 20th anniversary. Since then, three further multiannual programmes followed:...> more

Project News: How does youth work contribute to integration? Regional meetings in three federal provinces, Austria

Between 18 and 27 June, ICMPD is co-organising three regional meetings in different Austrian federal provinces. The meetings focus on the intersections of integration and youth work and bring together stakeholders from both...> more

Project News: “Strengthening Migration Dialogues between the EU and Africa” panel moderated by Ralph Genetzke

On June 6th, Mr. Ralph Genetzke, ICMPD Director and Head of Mission in Brussels, moderated a panel on “Strengthening Migration Dialogues between the EU and Africa” during a seminar entitled “EU-Africa Cooperation: Looking...> more

Project News: “MIgration EU eXpertise” (MIEUX) publishes 2018 Annual Report

One of ICMPD’s flagship programmes, MIEUX, publishes its Annual Report for the year 2018, describing its main achievements in 26 countries and the special events held to celebrate ten years delivering capacity building on...> more

Project News: Combatting irregular migration and cross border crime through document fraud detection.

From 1-6 April 2019, sixty officers of the Ghana Immigration Service (GIS) were trained and certified on Document Fraud Detection at the basic level. This training and certification was conducted within the framework of the...> more

Project news: Policy Roundtable in Brussels - What solutions for Protracted Displacement?

ICMPD and BICC (Bonn International Center for Conversion) hosted the policy roundtable “What solutions for Protracted Displacement?” on May 22, 2019 in Brussels. 36 participants from a variety of sectors, including EU...> more

Expert Voice: Scenarios on Responsibility Sharing for International Protection

The EU is strongly divided over the question of how to address international protection within the EU. The high numbers of mixed flows arriving at the borders of the EU in 2015/2016, transiting through several EU Member States...> more

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