Expert Voice: Labour migration – Five priorities for the EU and its Member States

Governments are seeking the balance between containing the COVID-19 pandemic and saving the economy. Migrant workers are essential in this regard, and the EU and its member states have to find ways to manage labour migration in...> more

Project News: FReM III Organises a Remote Project Steering Group Meeting

On 22 April 2020, ICMPD organised the third project steering group (PSG) meeting in the framework of the EU-funded project Forced-Return Monitoring III (FReM III). > more

Expert Voice: National consular services are stretched to the limit by COVID-19

Millions of people are stranded abroad by COVID-19. The pandemic has triggered the largest repatriation operation in history. As a result, consular services are under tremendous pressure and are forced to work together.> more

Project News: MC2CM live learning seminar opened by ICMPD DG Spindelegger

The Mediterranean City to City project (MC2CM) co-organised a webinar on “Leveraging migrants contribution to the emergency and addressing vulnerabilities”, on 16 April 2020 in the frame of a series of Live Learning Experiences...> more

Expert voice: How COVID-19 is changing border control

The pandemic is teaching border agencies in Europe important lessons about operational preparedness in times of crisis. This has implications for the future in terms of training, staffing, cross-border information sharing and the...> more

Expert Voice: COVID-19 from Baghdad to Dhaka

ICMPD field operatives track the ramifications of Covid-19 for migration in more than 90 countries. Over the past weeks, they have reported on developments in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Iran, Iraq and Pakistan. Here are some...> more

Project News: Meeting on the Impact of COVID-19 on Trafficking in Human Beings

On 15 April, ICMPD hosted a meeting of the Network of Anti-Trafficking Coordinators of South-East Europe to discuss the implications of the COVID-19 pandemic on the trafficking in human beings and the anti-trafficking response...> more

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