Project News: Local-level integration policies in Cabo Verde supported by ICMPD

On Thursday 28 February 2019 the joint EU-ICMPD MIgration EU eXpertise (MIEUX) Initiative presented, together with local authorities, the EU Delegation and the Directorate General for Immigration (DGI), the Municipal Action Plans...> more

Project News: Migration Media Award 2019 - Call for applications launched

The Call for submissions for the Migration Media Award, aimed at showcasing and awarding journalistic excellence in the Euro-Mediterranean region, has just been launched. It is for the third time that journalists reporting on...> more

Project News: Call for Applications for International Summer School in Georgia organised by ICMPD

For the 6th time, ICMPD organises the International Summer School on Migration. The summer school is a joint initiative by three ICMPD-led projects: MOBILAZE, ENIGMMA 2 and the Prague Process Dialogue, Analyses and Training in...> more

Expert Voice: For a better participation of cities in regional migration dialogues

The continued increase in the proportion of the world's population living in urban areas has placed cities at the forefront for managing migration and its current challenges. Cities are now key actors and partners of choice for...> more

ICMPD Around the Globe: 6th Ministerial Conference of the Budapest Process adopts the “Istanbul Commitments on the Silk Routes Partnership for Migration”

From 19-20 February 2019 the 6th Budapest Process Ministerial Conference took place in Istanbul, Turkey. 20 Ministers, 15 Deputy Ministers and States Secretaries from 46 Budapest Process participating countries took part in the...> more

Project News:Combatting migrant smuggling through cross-border cooperation

Migrant smuggling remains one of the most profitable and widespread criminal activities for organised criminal networks worldwide. The migrant smuggling business is a large, lucrative and sophisticated criminal market, with...> more

Project News: JEMPAS & MICIC conduct Joint Training on Expatriate Engagement and Consular Crisis Management

From 11-14th February 2019, the EU-funded JEMPAS and MICIC projects was facilitating a joint training taking place at the Dead Sea, Jordan. The theme of the training was “Expatriate Engagement and Consular Crisis Management”. It...> more

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