ICMPD and the Brazilian National Council of Immigration publish research report on migrants’ rights

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VIENNA, 30 June 2014 – ICMPD and the National Council of Immigration of Brazil have just published the research report Brazil-Europe Migration. The situation of Brazilian immigrants in Spain and Portugal, and Spanish and Portuguese immigrants in Brazil: Legal aspects and experiences. The publication is a useful tool to assist national and international actors to ensure that appropriate assistance is given to migrants, especially those in vulnerable situations, in accordance with fundamental human rights.

The report presents the results of three field studies where the goal was to explore the profile, vulnerabilities and access, or lack thereof, to information on the rights and responsibilities of Brazilian citizens who migrate to Spain and Portugal, as well as the nationals of those countries who immigrated to Brazil in recent years. It also features a comparative analysis of the migration legislation in Brazil, Spain and Portugal.

The report was produced in the framework of the ICMPD project 'Itineris: Protecting migrants' rights from exploitation from Brazil to EU Member States', which is funded by the European Union and several government agencies in Brazil, Switzerland, Portugal and Spain. The project's research and capacity building activities provided the relevant authorities of the four countries with the knowledge and skills they need to ensure that migrants are protected against exploitation and human trafficking. More information about the project can be found here.

The report is also available online and can be downloaded in English and Portuguese.

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A PDF of the full press release can be downloaded here.