Asylum and International Protection

The Competence Centre for Asylum at ICMPD is concerned with questions of asylum and international protection in the context of international migration. Mixed migration flows, including persons in need of international protection, pose significant challenges to national asylum systems and international protection mechanisms. In this environment, ICMPD offers its assistance to governments, as well other stakeholders at the national and international level, in reconciling national, regional and global migration governance concerns with international protection concerns.

ICMPD's understanding of asylum covers all forms of protection mechanisms developed in national, regional and international systems, as well as related issues like supporting asylum seekers and recognised refugees. Asylum is also understood in relation to other migration processes where protection sensitivity is regarded as essential, such as border return processes (in particular with regard to the non-refoulement principle), etc.

ICMPD's approach towards cooperation in the field of asylum is strongly driven by the identified need for information collection and exchange, as well as awareness raising among and between different authorities and asylum systems. Furthermore, ICMPD supports joint (international) project initiatives and EU Member States in evaluating and monitoring national procedures and processes. The Competence Centre for Asylum carries out the following tasks:

  • acts as a think tank for developing asylum policy tools that also allow for durable solutions for persons in need of international protection
  • supports third countries to develop further national asylum capacities
  • supports institution building
  • provides tailored training
  • facilitates the collection and exchange of information, experience and good practices
  • facilitates the establishment of networks of experts within Europe and between European and other partner countries. 


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