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ASCAP (Support developing of sustainable asylum capacities in Turkey)

Objectives: The ASCAP project aims to support the institutional capacity of DGMM in the area of asylum and includes a wide range of training activities, research and backstopping tasks for the latter. The project is designed to support DGMM in establishing self-sustainable asylum capacities and procedures. The project has three main components, the first of which consists of targeted capacity building activities on refugee status determination, country of origin information systems and the establishment of an interpreters’ pool. The second component focuses on supporting DGMM by conducting research and providing an evidence base for asylum policy making on selected topics such as the airport procedures, appeals procedures and readmission, including country practices from the EU Member States. The last component aims to provide regular backstopping in the form of provision of comments and input on policy or relevant legal documents in line with the requests by DGMM.


Implementing Agency: ICMPD


DonorsThe Foreign and Commonwealth Office

1 July 2016 – 31 March 2017

Turkey, UK

Asylum Programme for ICMPD Member States

In summer 2013, ICMPD paid visits to several Member States in an attempt to better understand their priorities in the area of asylum and tailor its services to their needs. In response to their expressed interests, ICMPD reserved staff capacity within the Asylum Competence Centre to tackle some of the current challenges in the framework of a specialised ICMPD Asylum Programme for MSs.

The Programme provides a forum for asylum experts and policy makers of ICMPD Member States to exchange views on current challenges in the area of asylum. The exchange of ICMPD MSs on asylum-related 'hot issues' is mainly facilitated in the framework of round tables and/or expert hearings.

Since 2014 regular meetings of asylum policy makers of ICMPD MS take place as a part of the Programme. The Programme so far addressed six topics.


  1.  An effective asylum responsibility-sharing mechanism (18 June 2014)
  2. The Common European Asylum System – the recast Reception and Procedures Directive; Dublin III Regulation, (9 October 2014)
  3. Mass influx and Asylum-Related Migration via the Western Balkans (9-10 December 2014)
  4. Resettlement and pull factors in the context of the European Agenda on Migration (17 June 2015)
  5. Migration management or managed by migration? Status quo, concepts and responses to migratory flows via the Western Balkan Route (28 September 2015)
  6. The Future of International Protection in the EU (9 September 2016)

Each topic is discussed using the following tools:  

  • Preparation of a background paper (internal ICMPD document)

  • Round table discussion with policymakers/ asylum experts from ICMPD MS

  • Follow-up document, e.g. policy brief or working paper (publically available, depending on the topic).


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