MP/CAMM Call for Proposals

With a total budget of roughly €5 million, the MP/CAMM Call for Proposals is open to Member States of the European Union (EU MS) for Actions targeting Mobility Partnership (MP) and Common Agenda on Migration and Mobility (CAMM) countries, and can include private law bodies, such as non-governmental organisations (NGOs), as co-applicants.


Geographical Scope:

Geographically, the MPF covers all countries that signed a Mobility Partnership (MP) or a Common Agenda on Migration and Mobility (CAMM) with the EU and its Member States.  

MPs have so far been concluded with the following countries:  Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Cape Verde, Georgia, Jordan, Moldova, Morocco, and Tunisia. 

CAMMs have so far been concluded with the following countries: Ethiopia, India and Nigeria.


How does it work?

The priorities of actions to be implemented under the MPF will be identified by EU Member States in close cooperation with MP/CAMM partner countries. When setting the priorities, all actors will take into account thematic areas covered by Joint Declarations on MPs and CAMMs, as well as their annexes and/or scoreboards, which will list actions implemented or foreseen under individual MPs/CAMMs.

Public bodies of EU Member States are invited to submit their Grant Application Forms detailing the activities envisaged. A Grant Evaluation Committee will evaluate the Applications and formulate its recommendations. If the proposed Actions are recommended for a Grant award and following approval of the recommendations, ICMPD will sign a Grant Contract with the applicant. The applicant will then implement the action, in partnership with the partner country and/or other EU MS public bodies, and according to the Grant Contract.

The MPF team will monitor and evaluate the implementation of activities carried out under Grant Contracts through a well-established methodology and on-spot missions.     





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