Irregular Migration & Return

ICMPD aims at implementing its activities  in a comprehensive and balanced manner. In the field of irregular migration, this means fostering a comprehensive approach to migration management by striking a balance between security concerns and basic rights of individuals, and addressing measures at all stages of the illegal migration process. The activities often foster partnerships with countries of origin and transit as the joint objective is to improve migration management in order to reduce irregular migration, while at the same time respecting international protection concerns by supporting asylum and protection management capacities.

An effective return policy encompasses both voluntary and forced return, with a preference for the voluntary return option as it is both more humane and cost effective. The activities in the field of return support respect for the fundamental rights of the returnee and the principle of non-refoulement. They take a practical approach in recognising that an effective return policy is dependent upon functioning cooperation arrangements with countries of origin, in particular on identification and documentation.

The activities supporting the reintegration in the countries of origin explicitly assist the returnees at the individual level, with the aim to promote a sustainable return which reduces the risks of illegal re-emigration. The reintegration activities can be designed to make a positive contribution to development of the receiving country.

The activities contribute to sound and fact-based policy development, capacity building, as well as operational return and post- arrival assistance actions of a pilot nature needed to meet the challenges in the fields of irregular migration, return, readmission and reintegration. Moreover, these activities are implemented in collaboration and partnership with relevant institutions and organisations, both governmental and non-governmental, as especially in this area partnerships bring most durable results.


Irregular Migration & Return

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