Migration & Development

If governed well, migration and mobility have positive impacts on migrants' well-being and on the development processes both of countries of origin and destination. The Competence Centre for Migration & Development (M&D) assists policymakers and practitioners to reach a sustainable and comprehensive governance of migration and mobility for the benefit of migrants, and countries of origin and destination. It advises governments on how to work towards policy coherence and support the process of integrating migration into sector policies and development planning, taking into account specific local, regional or national contexts. Likewise, it promotes development-sensitive migration policies.

The way migrants distribute their resources and loyalties between the country of origin and destination is to a large extent determined by the kinds of institutional opportunities and government policies they encounter. The Centre, therefore, also facilitates multi-stakeholder dialogues and helps build the institutional capacities of local and central government bodies to better support their migrant communities and generate new development approaches and partnerships.

The M&D team's core principle is a migrant-centred approach that is reflected in empowering migrant organisations, enhancing their capacities to meaningfully participate in the development cooperation process and supporting network-building for a combined effort in development actions.

Migration and Development in Regional Migration Dialogues
Migration and development is an integral part of all regional migration dialogues supported by ICMPD.

    Research on the Migration-Development Nexus

    Migrants' contributions to development depend on their capabilities and rights. The benefits of migration in terms of well-being therefore need to be evaluated against their potential social, political and psychological costs, which may outweigh the economic gains of employment abroad. By conducting research, situation analyses and impact assessments of migration and development programmes, the M&D team can provide the evidence base governments need for sound policy development. The Competence Centre for Migration and Development  has collaborated with the ICMPD Research Unit in numerous research activities relevant to issues of migration and development.