How Does It Work?

Actions proposed by EU MS

The priorities of actions to be implemented under the MPF will be identified by EU Member States in close cooperation with MP/CAMM partner countries. When setting the priorities, all actors will take into account thematic areas covered by Joint Declarations on MPs and CAMMs, as well as their annexes and/or scoreboards, which will list actions implemented or foreseen under individual MPs/CAMMs.

Following a Call for Proposals with an open deadline, public bodies of EU Member States will submit their Grant Application Forms detailing the actions envisaged. A Grant Evaluation Committee will evaluate the applications and formulate its recommendations. If the proposed actions are recommended for a grant award and following approval of the recommendations, ICMPD will sign a Grant Contract with the applicants. The applicants will then implement the action, in partnership with the partner country and/or other EU MS public bodies, and according to the Grant Contract.

The MPF team will monitor and evaluate the implementation of activities carried out under Grant Contracts through a well-established methodology and on-spot missions.    
Direct implementation by ICMPD

In case a particular need arises, which could only be adequately addressed through the MPF, but no EU MS is in a position or available to implement a specific action, ICMPD can exceptionally be tasked by the Steering Committee with direct implementation of that action.


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