Q&A linked to the Call for Proposals

Under this section, you can consult all the questions and answers that arose during the validity of the Call for Proposals.

1. Is it possible to apply for an action involving more than one fund (AMIF, ISF-Police, ISF-Borders and Visa)?

Financing from more than one fund per action is not admissible.

2. How to get informed on the remaining available amounts under each fund (AMIF, ISF-Police, ISF-Borders and Visa)?

Information of awarded grants and remaining available amounts under each fund will be published on this page on a regular basis.

3. Would the financing of EU Member States’ actions under MPF come from allocations to their national programmes within the AMIF, ISF-Police, ISF-Borders and Visa Funds?

No, funding of actions implemented under MPF comes from the allocations for Union actions.

4. Can an organisation that is not a public body of an EU Member state or an MP/CAMM country be involved in an action implemented under the MPF?

Under the rules of the MPF Call for Proposals, an organisation that is not a public body of an EU Member State or an MP/CAMM country can neither be an applicant nor a co-applicant. The only option for the involvement of such an organisation is through sub-contracting; scheduled by the beneficiaries (applicant or co-applicants).
According to Article 10.1 of the General Conditions applicable to an ICMPD-financed grant contract, such sub-contracting can only cover a limited portion of the Action. By limited we should understand a minor role.

For the purpose of sub-contracting, the procedure set out in Procurement by Grant Beneficiaries shall apply.






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