MIND (Supporting Migration Policy Development in Turkey)

The sector fiche on Migration and Border Management establishes an objective to further develop a comprehensive migration policy framework in Turkey. With this objective, it has been foreseen in the sector fiche that Supporting Migration Policy Development in Turkey will be realized by ICMPD in cooperation with Directorate General of Migration Management (DGMM) as the main beneficiary of the project. The project was developed in close cooperation with the DGMM and the final beneficiaries of the Project include the state institutions involved in migration management in Turkey, as well as migrants, foreign nationals, and stateless persons residing in or travelling to Turkey.


Objective: The objective of the project is to contribute to the establishment of a comprehensive and sustainable migration policy framework in Turkey taking into account good practices applied in EU Member States and other countries.


The project activities are categorized into the following components:    
  • Component A: Collecting, analysing and sharing relevant EU experience and expertise in development, implementation and evaluation of migration policies.
  • Component B: Evaluating the impact of existing migration policy documents and analysing the lessons learned for future actions.
  • Component C: Strengthening cooperation on practical monitoring and evaluation of the migration policies.
  • Component D: Raising public awareness on migration policies to ensure full and active participation of the civil society within the country.
  • Component E: Strengthening international cooperation in the area of migration policy as the efficiency of the migration policy also depends on how well it is communicated to foreign and international partners of Turkey.
Donor: Co-financed by the European Union and the Republic of Turkey 

Implementing agency: ICMPD, in cooperation with the Directorate General of Migration Management of Turkey (DGMM)

Duration: April 2017 -  April 2019

Country: Turkey 

Project Outputs and Documents