Capacity Building

Through several parallel initiatives, the capacity building component serves to implement recommendations of the consultations, the MICIC Guidelines and the research and, ultimately, strengthen the protection of migrants in countries affected by crises. It contributes to better crisis preparedness, emergency response and post-crisis action of governments and other relevant actors. 


Consular Crisis Management

This Initiative includes the organisation of introductory seminars, pre-departure/mid-service trainings and training of trainers to enhance capabilities of foreign posts to act as first responders and address specific needs of migrants in countries in crisis.


Factsheet: Crisis Preparedness and Consular Contingency Planning in EN FR 

   Factsheet: Consular Crisis Management Training for Diplomatic     Academies in EN

   Interactive Consular Contingency Plan Template __in AR EN ES FR 

   Consular Contingency Plan Template in AR EN ES FR

   Key Messages for Consular Staff in AR EN ES FR 


Multi-Stakeholder Crisis Coordination
The Initiative "Partners in Preparedness" aims to create national platforms to strengthen multi-stakeholder coordination on migration crisis-related issues.

Factsheet: Partners in Preparedness in EN FR


Migrant Child Protection in Emergencies

This Initiative aims to raise awareness on the specific needs and vulnerabilities of migrant children and to strengthen the capacities of national authorities to protect them better before, during and after conflicts and natural disasters.

Downloads: More coming soon


Other Tools

"Action and Awareness Raising Tool on Migrant Domestic Workers" in EN ES FR